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Due to the Corona situation, Swedsoft collects relevant information about, for example, temporary changes in laws and regulations, practical advice and short training courses for skills development.

Information from Swedsoft and our members

  • Free courses and seminars in Software development
    In these times, many want to take the opportunity to learn something new, while there are limited resources for this more than time. Therefore, together with members from universities and organizations, we have put together this list of courses and lectures that are available for professionals.

Information from Swedish authorities
and other organizations

The following links lead to the relevant organizations’ external website:

  • The Government and Government Offices. Collected information for companies about the measures taken by the government to mitigate the consequences of the virus outbreak for jobs and companies in Sweden. (Swedish only)
  • All authorities’ joint web site for corona-related information on eg. exports and imports, taxes and fees, labor shortages and termination, financing and loans, temporary rebate for rental costs in exposed industries, new rules for illness, counseling and support in your region or municipality.
  • Skatteverket. Companies that have lost a lot of sales during March and April 2020 due to corona can apply for restructuring aid at the Swedish Tax Agency. The support can be applied for from June 22 at noon to August 31, 2020.
  • Dagens Industri. Gathers information on restrictions and easing Sweden’s most important trading countries.(Swedish only)
  • Teknikföretagen. One of Sweden’s largest employer organizations that publish corona information important to you as an employer. The focus is on labor law issues, business policy and updates on the economic situation.
  • Exportkreditnämnden. EKN has launched comprehensive new guarantees on the basis of the covid-19 pandemic, which is for exporting companies of all sizes as well as subcontractors for exporting companies.
  • Business Sweden. “Corona Response Desk” for export companies on every market.
  • Kommerskollegium. The Swedish Foreign Trade Authority, the EU’s internal market and trade policy provide information on how corona affects foreign trade. Also information on customs exemptions, export permits etc. (Swedish only)
  • fplus. Swedish Enterprise and Industry newsletter and company news, including practical advice on how to take part in crisis packages or arrange loans for your business.(Swedish only)
  • Prevent. Work environment organization of Swedish Enterprise, LO and PTK. Among other things, checklists for examining infection risks and for action plans. (Swedish only)
  • MSB. Regulations on care for children with guardians in socially important activities (Swedish only)
  • Tullverket. Swedish Customs’ response to the coronavirus

Latest  update June 23rd 2020

Tips and information?

Do you have any tips and information about Covid-19 that you think could be relevant to Swedsoft’s members? Please contact Swedsoft’s secretariat.