Christina Tanase

Software Developer, Spotify

Software lifecycle at Spotify

In this session I will talk about what the lifecycle of backend systems generally looks like in Spotify. I will introduce Backstage (a platform with a number of extension points and interfaces used by infrastructure teams to expose their tools and services to engineers at Spotify) and describe some of the offerings infra teams provide through it (from managed CI/CD pipelines, automatic canary analysis, podlinks, monitoring and alerting, vulnerabilities scans, etc.). I will also discuss how the responsibilities are generally divided between infrastructure and feature-development teams for backend-features and present the special use-case of my team, who is developing a key Spotify business platform for programmed content delivery. This platform consists of a set of APIs, libraries and cookie-cutters, that are used by dozens of other teams in Spotify into their live systems. Here I will talk about the challenges of handling the evolution and release of these puzzle pieces in a stable, predictable, and healthy ecosystem while relying on our customers to employ them as intended.

Photo: Nicu Ciocan