Eric Prevost

Vice President Strategy Automotive & Manufacturing, Oracle

Metaverse and Digital Twins

Businesses need to accelerate their speed of innovation faster than ever before. To do that, they need to be enabled with emerging hybrid cloud-based technologies with fast and continuous adoption cycles.

This also requires a modern data driven tech platform with complete, agile, secure and a scalable solution architecture for the entire business and eco-system.

Eric will present Oracle´s strategy on how to reassure maximized flexibility and ideas on how to allow organizations to quickly handle the most complex workloads through rapidly deployed applications so they can free up funds and focus on the importance of continuous innovation.

To stay ahead of the competition, organizations need to build data-driven strategies supported with fully automated cloud database services, optimized for analytic workloads and capabilities to run different data types and workloads through a single system of record.

By doing this it also enables the creation of a mirrored digital world ”Metaverse” and digital copies of assets “digital twins”, this new metaverse can then support better, cheaper and faster prototyping, testing and training throughout the software life cycle.

The metaverse supported with other innovations such as NFT, Blockchain will also transform many businesses from product/device driven to business transaction platforms focused, all this will push the need for faster innovation and software releases even further.