Jeanette Almgren

Senior Configuration Manager, Syntell

Internet of DevOps (IoDevOps) 

Jeanette Almgren will present an idea of:

  • WHERE the Pain Points occur, using a DevOps practice model illustrating the different lifecycle phases of a DevOps process.
  • WHY Pain Points occur i.e., what are the underlying deficiencies in the organisations, using a capability model developed for this purpose.

The capability model comprises elements such as governance, processes, and tools. Through the DevOps Capability Model there are possibilities to measure and communicate the effective DevOps capability for a large organisation.

The presentation is based on work done in the European Celtic-Next project Internet of DevOps (IoDevOps) that was concluded last year. It was a 3-year project initiated by KTH with partners such as SII Concatel/Aunia (ESP), Ericsson (SWE), Saab (SWE), Vestel (TUR) and Syntell (SWE).

In this project Jeanette worked with a team from Syntell with an identification and documentation of Pain Points of classical agile development and operations when trying to apply DevOps. Pain Points were identified from the use-cases described by Saab, Ericsson and Vestel. The findings provided a basis to prioritize further work with the end result of a framework of processes, methods and tools for an enhanced DevOps capability.