Malonie Guha

Head of Cybersecurity Design and Implementation, SKF


Malonie have studied and worked in the field of Information Technology her entire career. Having worked in leading industries in Retail, FinTech and Telecommunication, joining SKF which is a Manufacturing company has been an exciting journey filled with learning, challenges and rewarding experiences.
As a passionate advocate for technology, she firmly believe in its influential power in our daily lives. Hence accentuating the vital need for robust quality and security measures to enable efficiency in the transformative process. With 15+ years of experience in various roles in the fields of Quality and Cybersecurity, she is now leading a capable team as the Head of Assurance and Awareness in the field of Security Compliance, Secure By Design and Security Awareness and Communication within SKF.

About the topic: Secure By Design

Every individual within an organization plays a crucial role in upholding security standards and practices. It’s vital security is accessible, relatable and scalable for everyone to feel a part of this responsibility. Secure By Design is an approach that influences people, process and technology to deliver reliable and resilient systems and overall strengthens the security posture of the organization.

In light of the comprehensive and varied areas of focus within this topic, a structured approach towards implementation is vital to explore the true potential of the principles and framework based on this approach.

The topic will cover the real time implementation of the Secure by design principles, its impact on daily life, the different use cases of this approach and how best this can be quantified to understand the impact in making us truly secure.