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Present at STEW 2020

The software conference Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW) is a conference where industry, academia and public sector meet to network and exchange knowledge within software technology. 

STEW is a national conference, moving around each year between different cities in Sweden. This year we will be in Halmstad on November 18-19th. What makes STEW special is the focus on networking and discussions, not only with the speakers but also between the participants. Now you have the possibility to speak at STEW 2020.  

The ninth STEW conference is organized by the nonprofit organization Swedsoft together with the co-hosts Teknikföretagen, Halmstad University, SAAB, Linnaeus University, Scania, AB Volvo, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Informator, Malmö University, Business Region Göteborg and Addalot. 

At STEW we create a forum for networking and knowledge sharing between different sectors in the field of software technology. 

Theme 2020: Data for software development 

Software development and software based systems rely increasingly on high quality data. How can we work more efficiently with data delivering higher quality software? Today we have areas of data such as 

  • Engineering Data – How can engineering information be represented and exchanged more efficiently? 
  • Product/Operation Data – How can we make better decisions and new innovations with data?
  • Training Data – How do we work better when creating deep learning systems?
  • Open Data  How can we share data and create common knowledge building?
  • Security and Integrity – How can we use data efficiently and ensure security and integrity at the same time. 

Common for all the above is that information needs to be well characterized and adequately managed to preserve its value, protect its subjects and maximize its utility. 

Now we are interested in hearing from you – what projects, research or solutions have you done to better work with data in software development? 

We encourage presentations from different perspectives and those that combine perspectives. We seek presentations on technical solutions, methodology, organizational aspects and interesting ways to use technologies (please note – no product presentations will be accepted). 

When presenting research it should be in a state when industry adoption is possible. 

Important information

The length of each presentation will be around 20 minutes followed by 20 minutes discussion. Each presenter is expected to prepare one or two questions that can be discussed around the tablesSTEW does not have any copyright requirements. Hence, presenting at STEW should not prevent the researchers from publishing the results at other conferences. 

At least one researcher/company representative must attend the conference and present. We also encourage you to team up with partners. Presentations with presenters teaming up from academia, public sector, institutes and companies will be prioritized. Please note that we will only be able to offer one free attendance per presentation and additional speakers will have to register as regular participants. 

Practical information and important dates 

Location: Halmstad University, Halmstad 

Conference dates: November 18-19th 2020 

Other important dates: 

  • Presentation proposal deadline – April 26th 2020 
  • Notification of acceptance – May 30th 2020 (latest) 
  • Submission of slides – November 10th 2020 

Register your presentation proposal in this form https://bit.ly/cfp-stew20 

If you have any questions please contact: stew@swedsoft.se 

Information about last year’s conference  – STEW 2019 swedsoft.se/event/stew-2019 

Do you want to know more about STEW?

Please contact the secretariat.