Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW 2020

This year’s conference program is filled with presentations giving different perspectives on the theme Data for Software Development.

Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW, is a conference that since 2012 encourages and promotes knowledge exchange between industry, academia and the public sector. At STEW we want to make research and project results visible and available to stimulate new cooperation in software technology.

STEW will be arranged November 18th-19th in Halmstad by Swedsoft together with Scania, Halmstad University, AB Volvo, Teknikföretagen, Saab, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Malmö University, Informator, Linnaeus University, Business Region Göteborg and Addalot.

In between the presentations and during the dinner there will be time to network and meet people from industry, academia and public sector from all around Sweden.

Here you will find the full program and more information about STEW 2020

We hope to see you at Halmstad University in November.