Wikimedia Sverige new member

Today we are proud to welcome Wikimedia Sweden to Swedsoft. Globally, Wikimedia is behind one of the world's most used websites - Wikipedia.

This is a summary of the news post in Swedish.

Wikimedia Sweden is a non-profit organization that works for free knowledge. Together with other parts of Wikimedia, they are behind a number of platforms, including Wikipedia. The free encyclopedia is one of the world’s most widely used websites with over 500 million visitors each month reading 20 billion articles. The MediaWiki software, which Wikipedia and thousands of other wikis use, is built entirely with open source, a natural for a crowdsourcing platform.

Through Wikimedia Sweden, development of Wikipedia is already taking place. For example, the Swedish Association has developed speech synthesis for Wikimedia to enable the articles to be read. They have also developed tools that make it easier for different actors to contribute. More of the projects Wikimedia Sweden plans to run in 2020 can be found in their wiki (in Swedish).



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