On this page we briefly describe what a membership could mean for your organization. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more.

The information about membership is divided into the following areas:

  • What is Swedsoft?
  • Why should we become members?
  • Who are / can become members?
  • How do we become a member? – Apply for membership here.
  • Fees?

There is also more information on, for example, the page about what we do and on the page about Swedsoft.

What is Swedsoft?

Swedsoft gathers Swedish software in an independent non-profit organization with the mission to increase the competitiveness of Swedish software. Our members are companies, academia and the public sector in Sweden. Together we work to ensure that Sweden is world leading in the development of software and software-intensive products, systems and services.

Why should we become members?

As members of Swedsoft, you become a part of the work we do to strengthen and influence Swedish software development and research, through the projects and the lobbying the association does. Together, we are a strong voice for Swedish software and contribute to Swedish competitiveness.

From Fossil to Binary

We live in a world that is digitizing at an ever-increasing pace. Not so long ago, a truck was characterized by a combustion engine running on fossil fuels; today, the reality is different. At Swedsoft, we actively work to promote the software industry in Sweden in various ways, with the overarching aim of securing competitiveness and growth in the green transition. In this effort, we grow stronger with each additional member who can contribute and support us.

Some examples of what you can get as a member:

  • New contacts and networks that can lead to business and collaboration across traditional boundaries (eg with other industries and between industry and academia)
  • At the events (conferences, seminars, meetings, workshops and networking meetings) we organize all around Sweden there is an opportunity for members to:
    • Participate and share knowledge and inspiration
    • Give presentations
    • Arrange – an opportunity to highlight important areas for you and make them visible. For example, are you planning a seminar, why not do it together with the association and reach out even more?
    • Network with people from different industries and academies
    • Host events or meetings
  • Participate in (and start) projects. Examples of projects that we have done or are doing together with members are projects on school digitization, statistics on the need for software development and integration of newly arrived software developers. What is interesting for you?
  • Visibility as a member when we show our members. Among other things, on the website, in brochures, presentations by the association and leaflets at our events.
  • Be part of the reports and comment letters Swedsoft writes about various topics. As a member, you can “sign on” to many of our reports and comment letters. This is an opportunity for you to both influence and show your commitment. In addition, all members are usually given the opportunity to comment on the drafts. You can find reports from Swedsoft here (mostly in Swedish).
  • Discounts on our events, some courses and on a variety of other things the secretariat procured such as discounts on train travel, fuel, hotels (see

Feel free to contact us and we will tell you more!

Who are / can become members?

We are an organization that encourages collaboration across traditional borders, between actors who are interested in Swedish software development.

Our members are from academia as well as the public and private sectors, across the country and from many different industries. All our members have a common interest in software, but what it is varies.

How do we become a member?

The process of becoming a member is quick and easy.

  1. You fill in the short membership application (2-3 minutes).
  2. The Board review and decide on your application at the next Board meeting.
  3. Provided that the application is granted, the secretariat will reach out to welcome you and provide more information – eg about upcoming meetings and about presenting you on the website as a new member.

We look forward to your membership application to Swedsoft.

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The fees, which are decided by the members at the autumn meeting, are divided into membership fees (no VAT, non-deductible) and service fees (VAT, deductible).

Category Turnover * Service fee Membership fee Total fee
1 0-9 MSEK 2 695 5 005 7 700
2 10-19 MSEK 4 428 8 223 12 650
3 20-49 MSEK 6 545 12 155 18 700
4 50-74 MSEK 10 395 19 305 29 700
5 75-99 MSEK 12 320 22 880 35 200
6 100-999 MSEK 16 170 30 030 46 200
7 1 000-9 999 MSEK 19 950 37 050 57 000
8 10 000 MSEK -> 27 720 51 480 79 200
Akademi, institut SAMT maxavgift organisationer utanför akademi & institut 11 165 20 735 31 900

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