What we do

Together with our members, we work towards the vision that “Swedsoft makes a decisive contribution to Sweden being a world leader in software development and development of software-intensive products, systems and services.

Over time, we focus on various areas depending on what is relevant at the moment. For 2020, we have two focus areas; Education as well as Research and innovation. We summarize our way of working in the three words Influence – Collaborate – Do. This is based on our lobbying, our openness to collaboration, and that we run projects and activities to create change.

Do you want to know more about what we do? Our plan for 2022 can be downloaded here (in Swedish).

Swedsofts vision, focus areas and values

A few examples of what we have done and what we do

We organize seminars, conferences and other types of meetings where members and others can network, learn and share their opinions to government agencies, inquiries and more. Among other events, we arrange:

  • Samling av mjukvarusverige (Gathering of Software Sweden) – an annual workshop with invited decision makers from companies, organizations, authorities, academia and institutes where we discuss a current issue.
  • Software Technology Exchange Workshop – Our annual conference for networking and exchange between academia, institutes and companies.
  • Lindholmen Software Development Day – We are one of the organizers of the annual software conference that attracts hundreds of visitors every year.

Swedsoft regularly calls for the need of lifelong learning. We are a part of a Vinnova-funded project led by Linnaeus University on flexible courses for professionals on advanced level. Within this project, we have launched Learning4professionals.se where courses for professionals at universities are showcased. We also have a page listing courses offered by member organizations in Swedsoft (currently only available in Swedish).

Labor immigration is a question that Swedsoft is active in from different perspectives linked to expulsions (“kompetensutvisningar”) but also about using the skills that come to Sweden through other forms of immigration.

Together with Statistics Sweden, we collect statistics on the importance of software for Swedish companies. The statistics were first released 2018 (report in Swedish). In 2020 we released a second edition of the data. Both times, the project has been funded by Vinnova.

Triple Helix – A national agenda for school digitization was a project funded by Vinnova, where we together with Linköping University and Linköping municipality supported the Swedish National Agency for Education in developing the IT-strategy and plans to include programming in the Swedish schools.

Reports and comment letters to show important issues for Swedish software development and research. All reports can be downloaded here (most in Swedish).

We are involved in networks to share information, provide input and highlight the importance of Swedish software for Swedish competitiveness.

Member-driven networks where members can discuss issues on themes. All members can start networks by contacting the secretariat. Currently, the Industrial Open Source Network is active.

We have meetings with politicians and other decision-makers to discuss current issues and challenges. These are often based on our reports and suggestions.

One of our value words is Transparency. Some examples of how we work with this are that we invite members to get involved in reports and open up all board meeting agendas for all the members. Members can of course also submit comments on the topics that the board will be discussing.

Do you want to know more about Swedsoft?

Contact the secretariat.