Debricked – new Swedsoft member

Today we welcome Debricked, a cyber security startup that identifies open source vulnerabilities, to Swedsoft.

This is a short version of the Swedish news post.

Debricked is a startup in the field of cybersecurity. The company’s focus is on security in third-party components; more specifically open source. Debricked has its roots in a research project, at Lund University, with the purpose to investigate security in software development. In this project it was discovered that companies often had control of the code that was developed internally, but not as much control of what was imported from the outside in the form of open source code.

Therefore, Debricked developed a product that scans the imported components for vulnerabilities. They explained that the service then helps to prioritize and solve the critical vulnerabilities. The product is fully automated and it is based on algorithms that are continuously being developed by Debricked, so that they can constantly maintain high data quality.


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