Free courses and seminars in Software development

Today we release a list with courses and short seminars for professionals, available now or in the near future and free of charge.

In this list there’s only the English seminars and courses. For more, in Swedish, please visit the Swedish article.

In these times, many want to take the opportunity to learn something new, while there are limited resources for this more than time. Therefore, together with members from universities and organizations, we have put together this list of courses and lectures that are available for professionals.

The list below is broken down based on if they are available now, soon and similar lists or platforms that provide courses.

Available now

  • Course: Applied Deep Learning with Tensorflow
    Halmstad University provides this course addresses professionals with some experience in the area, for example those who have taken a basic Machine Learning course.
  • Lectures: Java for the Reluctant
    Recorded lectures in Java by Mikael Svahnberg at Blekinge Institute Of Technology.
  • Courses: Ingenjör 4.0
    The project initialized by Produktion 2030 will in three steps release up to 16 learning packages within industrial digization.
  • Seminar: Succeeding with large scale software development measurement programs
    How can you succeed with large scale software development measurement programs? Swedsoft hosted a seminar with Miroslaw Staron, Chalmers & University of Gothenburg, and Wilhelm Meding, Ericsson.
  • Webinar: Legal and practical protection of software
    How can you as a software development company to protect your software? Together with the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and our member Deposit, Swedsoft organized a seminar (in Swedish) on this theme.
  • Course: Elements of AI
    The Elements of AI is a free online course to encourage as broad a group of people as possible to learn what AI is, what can (and can’t) be done with AI, and how to start creating AI methods.
  • MOOC: One page with MOOCs by KTH – Several available now
    You can find courses such as Digital transformation, High Performance Finite Element Modeling and Cyber-Physical Networks.
  • MOOC: One page with MOOCs by Chalmers – Several available now
    You can find courses such as Multi-Object Tracking for Automotive Systems and Decision-Making for Autonomous Systems.
  • Seminars: Halmstad Colloqium – Open lectures by worldwide experts
    International experts give a one hour lecture on their topic in software development and technology. YouTube movies.
  • Podcast MOOC: Human-Centered Machine Learning
    Pod-based short seminars on machine learning and service design.
  • Course: Deep learning for professionals – Email Mattias Ohlsson for access
    Course on deep learning, adjusted for professionals (i.e. people who work in the industry). Recorded lectures on advanced level.
  • Course: Advanced Object Oriented Programming – Email Wojciech Mostowski for access
    Recorded lectures from course on object oriented programming, basic level.
  • MOOC: AI Class
    AI Class sets out to improve general knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL). The aim to increase understanding of how these techniques can be used to improve the use of large amounts of data.
  • Course: Distributed Development and Outsourcing course
    The course focuses on distributed projects and work in distributed teams, in which software development activities are carried out in multiple locations, and often in different countries.
  • Recorded Workshop: Making Program Analysis Useful Together
    Recorded workshop about the exploratory study of program analysis tools at Axis.

Soon available

  • Several courses: AI and Software Development Various dates
    Mälardalen university offers online courses for professionals wanting to learn more about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and software development and test.
  • Several courses: Smart Production  Various dates
    Mälardalen university offers courses for professionals working in the Industrial Sector wanting to learn more about Smart Production including Industry 4.0 and Big Data.
  • Course: Safety Critical Systems Engineering November 9th
    MDH offers a course, delivered via Zoom, where a Safety Case for an industry related application will be built.
  • Online Workshop: A CASTOR Workshop on Dependable and Secure Systems November 28th
    The workshop program includes invited talks of industrial and academic speakers focusing on dependable and secure systems and aims at promoting a discussion of industry-academia cooperation in the area of dependable and secure systems.
  • Several courses: Smart industry, digitalisation and IT – Different dates
    Linnaeus University offers courses for practicing professionals, which can be combined with your regular work.

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