Cyber security in a complex world

On September 1st Swedsoft together with our member Scania held the conference Cyber security in a complex world. The digital live event was full of inspirational speakers from various organizations that generously shared their experiences and insights on how to handle the complex aspects of Cyber Security.

The digital conference was held at MW-hallen in Södertälje with a small live internal Scania audience.

We are living in a time with fast digital transformation and a daily flow of new connected products and services, such as self-driving vehicles, that puts great demand on cyber security. Cyber security therefore needs to be considered as an important factor for all organizations today.

At the digital conference Cyber security in a complex world, the audience got to listen to how different organizations, from Industry, Institute and public sector, work with cyber security. During the conference the experts from these organizations talked about their experiences and insights on how to handle the complex aspects of Cyber Security.

Work together, share knowledge and constant competence development

The conference started out with a welcoming by Mikel Cato, CDO at Scania and Gabriel Modéus, General Secretary at Swedsoft who introduced the day and spoke about the importance of cyber security in today’s society.

The first presentation of the day was held by Xavier Carreras, Team Leader Styling Green Arrow and Mattias Leeb, Development Engineer from Scania. Together they presented how Scania AXL, a fully autonomous concept truck without a cab, was developed. The audience got a chance to be part of a live streamed viewing of the Scania AXL where the story and decisions behind the trucks visual look and functions was told.

Jörgen Wallenbring, Head of Product Cybersecurity and Fredrik Tomasson, CISO and Senior Manager IT Security Architecture from Scania shared their experience about the global and industry trends Scania sees as well as the challenges and possibilities that the future eco—system engenders connected to cyber security.

Pernilla Rönn, Combitech

Shahid Raza, Director of Cybersecurity Lab and project leader for RISE Cyber Range at RISE, gave a presentation on how to train and prepare for cyber-attacks. He also gave an extensive overview of RISE Cyber Range and how organizations can use their facilities to test and educate themselves about cyber security.

Cyber defence is an integral part of all operations and procurement conducted by the Swedish Armed Forces. David Olgart, Coordinator R&T Cyber Defence at the Swedish Armed Forces, talked about the research and development in the area of cyber defence and information security at the Swedish Armed Forces and how this is key to ensure that the Swedish Armed Forces is on top of technology developments.

Pernilla Rönn, Head of Division Cyber Security at Combitech presented the risk and opportunities with cyber security during digital transformation. The presentation addressed important aspects such as how we can protect assets in the new digital world where organizational boundaries dissolves and even more value lies in software and information. Furthermore she shared her experience in how we secure the supply chain and create trust in the new digital ecosystems and how can we take advantage of this digital era!

Christian Levin, Chief Operations Officer at TRATON Group held the very last presentation of the day. He gave an overview of cyber security in the truck industry and how the industry needs to operate to stay secure and enhance our cyber capabilities.

Karin Gustavsson, Scania, was the moderator of the conference.

The overall message from all the speakers was that we need to cooperate to strengthen the overall knowledge and protection as well as the cyber security of each organization. This needs to be done so that we, both as a country and as organizations, has strength and capability to stand tall against cyberattacks. An important part to ensure that this happens is to continuously educate both personnel and organizations about cyber security as well as constant competence development in the whole are of software development.



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