A great opportunity for knowledge transfer and collaboration

This year’s Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW, is getting closer! Take the opportunity to listen to inspiring presentations and engage in discussions around the theme - Data for Software Development.

STEW 2020 is arranged by Swedsoft together with our co-hosts Scania, Halmstad University, AB Volvo, Teknikföretagen, Saab, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Malmö University, Informator, Linnaeus University, Business Region Göteborg and Addalot.

This is a software networking conference that since 2012 encourages and promotes knowledge exchange between industry, academia and the public sector. At STEW we want to make research and project results visible and available to stimulate new cooperation in software technology.

The program

This year’s conference program is filled with presentations giving different perspectives on the theme Data for Software Development. You will be able to engage in discussions and listen to presentations such as; Open data and open innovation around roads, Making Program Analysis Useful Together and Intellectual property as a tool for constructing data openness.

Collaborations is key

Thomas Olsson is a senior researcher at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden AB. Thomas has a PhD in Software Engineering and his research is focused on requirements engineering, with a focus on quality (non-functional) requirements – for complex software systems. He has more than 10 years of experience from academic research, both in Sweden and Germany and have also worked 10 years in industry, at Sony Ericsson/Sony mobile.

At STEW I will talk about our ongoing project Road Data Lab – RoDL. There are many potential benefits and opportunities for innovation if data from different sources are combined and made available to others, e.g. more accurate road maintenance planning, a better understanding of traffic flow, improved safety, etc says Thomas.

However, integrating and merging data from different stakeholders is tedious and time-consuming, sometimes with legal obstacles as well, Thomas continues. In RoDL, we will develop a platform that supports the contribution and integration of data from various sources. We aim to work on such integration, by establishing a collaboration platform, providing a technical infrastructure enabling innovation and learning, legal baseline supporting various licenses, and a knowledge foundation for how to work with the different data sources related to roads.

Industry and academic collaborations are key to addressing the right software engineering problems with systematic methods. STEW is a conference with a nice mix of both industry professionals and academics Thomas finishes.

Open data and open innovation around roads. Thomas Olsson, Senior researcher, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, gives an introduction to his presentation at STEW 2020.

A great opportunity for knowledge transfer

Emma Söderberg, Associate Senior Lecturer, Lund University is an associate senior lecture at the Department of Computer Science at Lund University.

In my presentation at STEW, Making Program Analysis Useful Together, I’ll talk about how we can use data-driven approaches to tackle usability issues with program analysis. I think it’s a great opportunity for knowledge transfer between academia and industry, which I think is important from both sides, says Emma Söderberg.

Making Program Analysis Useful Together. Emma Söderberg, Associate Senior Lecturer, Lund University gives an introduction to her presentation at STEW 2020.

An invaluable opportunity to network

I am a intellectual property strategist and educator assisting projects of various sizes aiming at maximizing the value created by intangible asset, says Pavel Kopylov, IP Business & Legal Consultant at Synergon AB.

His presentation Intellectual property as a tool for constructing data openness will provide a practical view on the main intellectual property issues related to data. Pavel says: Understanding these concepts will assist in interpreting the legal implications of using external datasets as well as provide the guidelines for making your own data available to others.

The most important aspect of STEW is building a community and network Pavel continues. I believe that understanding intellectual property aspects of using data is critical for building sustainable data-based products. My presentation can be a valuable contribution to the community. Participation gives an invaluable opportunity to network and actually meet people within Swedish software industry.  

Intellectual property as a tool for constructing data openness. Pavel Kopylov, IP Business & Legal Consultant, Synergon AB, gives an introduction to his presentation at STEW 2020.

You can find the program for STEW here.

An emphasis on network and dialouge

STEW is arranged to enable dialogue about the presentations where speakers can ask questions and discuss with the audience, audience with the speakers and participants with the rest of the audience. We also give room for a lot of networking, not the least at the annual STEW-dinner.

Since STEW is a conference with an emphasis on network and dialogue, we decided to keep STEW as a physical event. To keep everyone safe and follow current regulations, we have limited the number of available seats, so don’t wait too long to register!


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