Documents for spring meeting 2021

Swedsoft invites you to this years' spring meeting where we both look back at a very special year but also plan ahead for the future.

Documents (in Swedish) for the spring meeting 2021

Today, the notice of and documents for Swedsoft’s spring meeting 2021 was sent out to all members. In the email there was the agenda and all documents for the meetings.

This year the meeting will be held digitally (only in Swedish). The spring meeting consists of two different meetings: the annual meeting and the members’ meeting. The annual meeting addresses questions about the non-profit association. The members’ meeting is about what happens in the service organization, such as lobbying, events and more.

The agenda and documents for Swedsoft’s spring meeting are available for everyone to download (in Swedish). Read more about what we actually did and how our finances went.


AI and ethics for engineer

At the webinar on September 6 Jennifer Renoux, Örebro University introduced the participants to theoretical and practical aspects of ethics

Stefan Jakab, new Secretary General for Swedsoft

Stefan has a background from several positions in the Telecom industry as well as experience from being the Secretary General

Program & registration for STEW 2022

Join us on November 15th in Stockholm at Teknikföretagen for a conference that focus on networking and discussions, not only

Summer greetings from Swedsoft

Meetings and activities In the beginning of 2022 we, together with the other organizations in our Vinnova funded project, Linneaus