A conference for creating new cooperation and ideas

On November 11-12th in Lund, you will be able to take part in a real networking software conference that focus on knowledge exchange. This year Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW 2021 is filled with interesting presentations on the theme Software as a motor for acceleration and disruption.

The conference program at STEW 2021 is filled with presentations where industry, academia and the public sector presents different perspectives on the theme as well as workshop parts where the participants will be able to discuss the subject. We have several interesting and inspiring presentations and today we present our last speakers, Irene Ek, Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis and Torvald Mårtensson, Saab.

A good way to exchange ideas and learn from others

Irene Ek, Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, speaker at STEW 2021

Irene Ek, is a policy analyst at the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis, which is an analytical agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation. She has developed a two-year AI policy program to guide the Swedish Ministry. Irene is an international AI expert and a member of the OECD AI Policy Observatory’s expert group ONE AI. Previously, Irene worked as Policy Analyst at the OECD, under the Working Party for Technology and Innovation Policy. Prior to OECD, Irene was a Program Manager in the ICT division at the Swedish Innovation Agency, where she specialized in all aspects of digital transformation research.

“My work focuses on evidence-based AI policy guidance and encompasses reports such as AI Policy for Competitiveness and Drivers of AI adoption, Irene says. At my presentation, Drivers of AI adoption, I will talk about how today, most companies see that AI can create new business opportunities while few succeed in delivering business benefits. During the talk, I will summarize the latest research on driving forces to accelerate AI use in companies and the barriers companies see.”

As a little preview for the conference Irene has made a short summary of the AI adoption drivers.

Torvald Mårtensson, Saab, speaker at STEW 2021.

Torvald Mårtensson is a Test Manager in the Gripen E project and Technical Fellow at Saab AB and his presentation at STEW is called “Testing Gripen E – Test Automation and Exploratory Testing.”

“I think STEW is a good way to exchange ideas and learn from others. At STEW I will talk about strategies for testing of large-scale and complex software systems, but also present examples of practices successfully implemented in the Gripen E project. ”

Stimulate new cooperation in software technology by making research and project results visible and available

At STEW we want to make research and project results visible and available to stimulate new cooperation in software technology. To achieve this, we put a lot of focus on networking and creating possibilities for the participants to meet new people, from different industries, academia and the public sector, from all of Sweden. It’s a conference for creating new ideas and new cooperation. We do this by arranging several breaks, keeping the maximum number of participators limited and not to forget, the annual STEW dinner on the evening of day one. We do our best to help the participants to meet new people and every year we hear of new cooperation and projects as a result of meetings at STEW.

To summarize, by participating in STEW you will get to meet people from different industry sectors, public sector and academia, participate in interactive public dialogue and not least listen to inspiring presentations.

Register today – There is only three days left!


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