Swedsoft Expert Network

Swedsoft now introduces Swedsoft Expert Network with the aim to create mutual exchange between our 49 members and your experts in different subjects! The overall purpose with the groups is to create knowledge exchange in current topics and specific issues. On top of that, the networks can arrange seminars and act as a support in activities such as in contacts to the governmental agencies, business meetings, reports, and comment letters. Take the opportunity and share your skills!

We have started networks within:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Skills development

Don’t wait to sign up! We would like to get answers from those who are interested as soon as possible, by e-mail to info@swedsoft.sePlease share this with your colleagues.



Open for the climate

On their website you can find a large number of courses in, among other things, computer science, circular economy, battery

Christmas greetings from Swedsoft

This is summary of the Swedish article In January we kicked off the spring with the workshop Gathering of Software Sweden

Karlstad University joins Swedsoft

We had the opportunity for a small chat with Bestoun S. Ahmed, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Karlstad

Seminar on the assignement Cutting-edge digital expertise

During the seminar, Josef provided an overview of the Assignment to collaborate on ensuring access to cutting-edge digital expertise. He