Artificial and human intelligence through learning: Why industry 4.0 needs a human-centric perspective

On May 10th Andreas de Blanche, University West talked about why industry 4.0 needs a human-centric perspective as a part of the webinar series Software inspiration for professionals.

Andreas de Blanche is a senior lecturer in computer engineering at University West. His research deals with computer simulations and how hardware and scheduling can best be used to suit the requirements of various programs.

At the webinar on May 10th Andreas presented findings from the interdisciplinary AHIL project, which he is a part of, that are based on close practice-based research in collaboration with industry partners to deepen insights of industry 4.0 applications on various organizational levels. They propose an industrial work-integrated-learning research agenda to illuminate a human-centric perspective of industry 4.0.

Stefan Eck ended the seminar by talking about the project Software inspiration for professionals.

About Software for professionals

This event is part of the webinar serie Software inspiration for professionals. With this new webinar series we, together with the other organizations in our Vinnova funded project, Linneaus University, Mälardalen University, University West and Örebro University want to give you inspiration and new knowledge direct from experts from Swedish Academia.

The webinar series is a part of the Vinnova funded project “Kompetensbehov och kurser för yrkesverksamma inom IT och konkurrenskraftig produktion 2” and especially the part of the project. is a platform with the purpose to contribute to the continued development of industry’s skills development through courses specifically aimed at industry professionals, and by making the course offerings from universities easier to find.

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