Webinar: Maximizing the Impact of ML Systems Through Software Engineering Practices

– A Research-Centric Approach to Development, Deployment, and Maintenance

On October 31, Swedsoft invites you to webinar on how you maximize the impact of ML systems with speaker Bestoun S. Ahmed | M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor in Software Engineering, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Karlstad Universitet.

Attendees of this Talk will be introduced to the latest developments and the challenges within these intersecting domains. This research-centric perspective will cover these fields’ current state-of-the-art practices and innovations. The talk will explore the transformative potential of synergizing MLOps, DataOps, Data Quality, and Software Engineering, focusing on enhancing the life cycle of machine learning systems across industry and academia. It emphasizes the critical role played by collaborative efforts between data scientists and software engineers in creating a robust MLOps pipeline, heightening the quality assurance aspect, and optimizing ML systems’ development, deployment, and long-term maintenance.

This talk is for researchers seeking a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between these domains. Data scientists and engineers will also find valuable insights into how these research-driven advancements can seamlessly integrate into their workflows, ultimately improving outcomes and efficiency.

Throughout the talk, attendees will be able to explore real-world case studies and practical solutions derived from collaborative projects spanning academia and industry. By the end, they will be well-equipped to know the power of research-driven approaches for maximizing the impact of ML systems and driving innovation in MLOps, DataOps, Data Quality, and Software Engineering.