Call for proposals – Lindholmen Software Development Day

This year´s theme: connecting realities Even though we are already living and working in a world of new realities, we

Swedsoft Expert Network

Swedsoft now introduces Swedsoft Expert Network with the aim to create mutual exchange between our 49 members and your experts

Interview with our new board member Tobias Strandh

This is a summary of the Swedish interview. Tobias is a trained system developer and born and raised in Hisingen,

New Chairman elected during Swedsoft annual meeting

This is a summary of the Swedish article We are pleased to welcome Stefan Frank as a new Chairman for

How the Higher Vocational Education can become better at supporting Sweden with software expertise

This is a summary of the Swedish article The HVE has the advantage of being able to offer more specific

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Would you like to present at STEW?

STEW 2022 will be the eleventh time this unique networking conference is arranged. This year’s theme is The release is not

AI & Cyber Security

During the webinar the participants got the opportunity to listen to Alberto Giaretta, Postdoctoral Researcher, Örebro University. Alberto Giaretta holds

Swedsoft’s strategic business plan 2022 – Now in English

In 2021, Swedsoft carried out a major review of our strategic business plan. The thorough work was preceded by interviews

Republify joins Swedsoft

We had the opportunity for a small chat with Tobias Strandh, CEO at Republify. Tobias Strandh, CEO at Republify explains

Industrial Cybersecurity Threats and how to deal with them

The ongoing digitalization, in addition to providing many benefits, means that more and more machines are connected, which creates new