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Solid Technology joins Swedsoft

Today we welcome Solid Technology as a new member of the Swedish software organization Swedsoft. Solid Technology describes themselves as technology experts within systems development and architecture, based in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

“With senior level experience and a well-trained ability to understand client needs, Solid Technology strengthens development teams in demanding software development projects, demonstrating the full potential of technology in order to secure business objectives in digitalization. Our edge is having excellence in the forefront of technology, quality of work and a passion for software engineering”, says Emil Robertsson, Managing Director.

Solid Technology’s vision is to be a natural partner for organizations that require high technology competence. They describe that the fundamental principle of the company is that all consultants shall have extensive experience and remain an experienced expert by following curiosity, passion and investing in continuous training. “Continuous learning is a core process that drives us. We put great value in competence, knowledge, and quality as we understand that technological development never slows down and that the increasing digitalization in society is calling for robust, secure, and efficient applications and systems”, Emil Robertsson continues.

“We see that diversity is strengthening us and is increasing our ability to allocate the right expert on the right assignment. Our company is based on modern agile principles and sound values. Clarity, freedom, and accountability are self-evident principles in our organization that will never allow that the individual becomes one just one of many” says Hamid Samadi, Vice President.

Solid Technology explain that their mission is to be a strongly contributing force in re-establishing Sweden’s positions as world leading within advanced information technology. Emil Robertsson explains “We have an amazing history and tradition within software innovation in Sweden. Ever since the early 80’s the industry has been creating world-class products with software as an important differentiating and enabling component. Service innovation has brought forward amazing software intensive companies since the beginning of this century and has put Sweden back at the top-tier. We expect to learn a lot from other members of Swedsoft, and are committed to contribute with Solid Technology’s knowledge and experiences to strengthen Swedish software innovation and capacity and resume a leading global role in high quality software engineering and remain competitive in a world-wide perspective.”

Gabriel Modéus, Secretary General at Swedsoft, round off” We are excited to welcome Solid Technology to Swedsoft. Their engagement in many of the important questions that Swedsoft is addressing, such as competence development and software quality will now add to the voice of Swedsoft.”

Welcome to Swedsoft, Solid Technology!



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