What is Swedsoft in the future?

Today Swedsoft invited all members to give input into a process where we will be doing a full review of our strategic plan.

Swedsoft’s secretariat and board are currently working on a total overview of Swedsoft’s strategic plan. We have therefore invited our members to respond to a short survey, to get their input on how they view Swedsoft and what they think Swedsoft’s should focus on, now and in the future.

We will use the answers from the survey as a foundation in creating Swedsoft’s new strategic plan. The plan will be sent for referral to all members before a final approval during this year’s autumn meeting.

Have you received the survey? Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of forming the future of Swedsoft. Each answer counts!

Are you a member and want to answer the survey? Contact Swedsoft’s secretariat.
Last day to answer the survey is June 27th.


The Software engineer of the future

Swedsoft and our co-hosts were delighted to welcome participants to Stockholm for the STEW conference, centered around this year’s theme:

Maximizing the Impact of ML Systems Through Software Engineering Practices

The webinar focused on how to leverage the latest research and innovations in MLOps, DataOps, Data Quality, and Software Engineering

Valuable insights from webinar on tackling technical debt

During the event, Dr. Javier Gonzalez Huerta, with over a decade of industry experience, provided valuable insights on data-driven techniques for

Fall Webinar Series

Mark your calendars and join us for: Technical Debt Benchmark – Focus where the pain is 🗓️ Date: October 10th