Interview with our new board member Tobias Strandh

Tobias Strandh, CEO at Republify, has been elected as a new member of Swedsoft's Board. We had a chat to get to know him a little extra before the assignment.

This is a summary of the Swedish interview.

Tobias is a trained system developer and born and raised in Hisingen, Gothenburg. He founded his own company in the mid-nineties and has since 2004 worked with education of professionals and skills development. Today he is CEO and co-founder at Republify, a company that provide skill supply and consulting support in software development.

Tobias says it is an honor to have been elected as a board member of Swedsoft and that it feels good to return to an association which he already have great confidence in, simply an exciting challenge!

Welcome to the board Tobias!


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