Karlstad University joins Swedsoft

Today we are proud to welcome computer science (CS) at Karlstad University as a new member. Currently, the department provides education and research with an emphasis on distributed systems and communications (DISCO), privacy and security (PriSec), and (Software Quality and Digital Modernisation) (SQuaD).

We had the opportunity for a small chat with Bestoun S. Ahmed, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Karlstad University.

Research in computer science (CS) at Karlstad University (KaU) has been built up over more than 20 years. In the late 1990s, CS developed a strategic plan to build the research discipline. Based on this initial plan, CS research has been systematically developed.

“Multiple successful projects have had a tremendous positive impact on the evolution of the CS research group and have significantly shaped current CS research environment. CS has increased the academic reputation of the group, expanded its collaborative networks, strengthened education, supported the expansion of the doctoral program, and made recruiting talented new staff members from all over the world possible, Bestoun says.”

Focuses on different software engineering aspects

“The research within the SQuaD group focuses on different software engineering aspects. The aim is to develop methods and techniques to continuously preserve, improve, and adapt quality attributes of long-living software systems to allow such systems to be maintained and evolve more efficiently. This includes detection of and mitigation against software architecture degradation and other forms of technical debt, design and evolution of security- and privacy-critical systems, and Quality assurance techniques, such as testing, for long-living systems. Researchers at SQuaD also focused extensively on AI techniques, not only to solve software engineering problems, but also to apply software aspects of AI to engineering large systems.”

Tell us more about your membership in Swedsoft!

“The membership of Swedsoft gives various opportunities to interact, share ideas, and collaborate with companies from various industries, academia, institutes, organizations, and the public sector. CS, in general, and SQuaD specifically will have an excellent opportunity to participate in events, meetings, and workshops to share experiences, ideas and collaborate towards the competitiveness of Swedish software. This membership will greatly add value to strengthening research on developing software-intensive products, systems, and services in the region through interdisciplinary research between the three research areas at KaU.”


The Software engineer of the future

Swedsoft and our co-hosts were delighted to welcome participants to Stockholm for the STEW conference, centered around this year’s theme:

Maximizing the Impact of ML Systems Through Software Engineering Practices

The webinar focused on how to leverage the latest research and innovations in MLOps, DataOps, Data Quality, and Software Engineering

Valuable insights from webinar on tackling technical debt

During the event, Dr. Javier Gonzalez Huerta, with over a decade of industry experience, provided valuable insights on data-driven techniques for

Fall Webinar Series

Mark your calendars and join us for: Technical Debt Benchmark – Focus where the pain is 🗓️ Date: October 10th