Gathering of Software Sweden 2023

For the eighth year, Swedsoft gathered key players in Swedish software development yesterday. This year, the objective was to collectively provide feedback to the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education as a follow-up to last year's successful workshop.

At this year’s workshop, held at Teknikföretagen in Stockholm, the main focus was to assist the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education in gaining insights on how best to respond to the needs of lifelong learning and future requirements for software competence.

Initially, moderator Jessica Sjönell from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education presented their mission and expectations for today’s discussions. This was followed by two engaging hours of panel debates involving participants from both industry and academia. Subsequently, a workshop took place.

The main questions that the groups discussed were:

  • How does AI impact the industry?
  • What will be the influence on future skill requirements?
  • What are the consequences of AI for the green transition?
  • What software competencies will be needed for future employment?
  • What role does the education sector play in meeting the skills demand?

As usual, today’s workshop resulted in many valuable insights and fruitful discussions. The Authority expressed appreciation for the participants’ perspectives, input, and ideas. We are now proceeding to the next phase, where we will compile today’s outcomes, which will be published later.


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