Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW 2021

The networking conference Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW, is a yearly conference, organized since 2012 by Swedsoft to create exchange between industry, academia and public sector within software development and research. The emphasis is on two main areas; networking and knowledge exchange. At STEW we want to make research and project results visible and available to stimulate new cooperation in software technology.

Join us for an onsite conference in Lund on November 11th-12th,  that focus on networking and discussions, not only with the speakers but also between the participants. Do not wait to secure your participation, register today!

STEW 2021 is arranged by Swedsoft together with our co-hosts Scania, Ideon Science Park, SKF, Halmstad University, AB Volvo, RISE, Saab, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Favro, Malmö University, Informator, Linnaeus University, Debricked and Addalot.

The theme for this year’s STEW conference is Software as a motor for acceleration and disruption. You can find more information about the conference on

If you have any questions please contact Swedsoft’s secretariat.