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Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW

The networking conference Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW, is a yearly conference, organized since 2012 by Swedsoft to create exchange between industry, academia and public sector within software development and research. The emphasis is on two main areas; networking and knowledge exchange. At STEW we want to make research and project results visible and available to stimulate new cooperation in software technology.

How is STEW different from other software conferences?

  • We enable and encourage dialogue through workshops and group discussions.
  • We try to create groups with participants that do not know each other so create new networks and constellations. 
  • We arrange several networking breaks. 
  • At the conference dinner the goal is to seat you with people you do not know to encourage new contacs.

Knowledge exchange:

  • Among the speakers there are representatives from different parts of society.
  • We have a large working group that selects speakers who can contribute with their different perspectives.
  • We invite anyone interested to submit suggestions on what they can present in an area.
  • We enable dialogue about the presentations where speakers can ask questions and discuss with the audience, audience with the speakers and participants with the rest of the audience.

Arranged by

STEW is since 2012 arranged by Swedsoft. Since we started preparing for the 2019 conference we invited members to become co-hosts.

Do you want to know more about STEW?

Please contact the secretariat.