Kristina Bjerka

Secretary General, Kodcentrum


Kristina Bjerka is Secretary General of Kodcentrum, with many years of experience from NGO:s. Before that, she worked as a mathematics and science teacher up to 7th grade. She is passionate about introducing programming to children and works to ensure that all children have the same opportunities to create with code. Learning programming should be as obvious as learning to read, count and write in order to be included in our digital society.

About the topic: Knowledge of code is a democratic right 

In an increasingly digitalized world, programming skills, digital creation and an understanding of how digital services and products work are becoming increasingly important. It is a question of democracy and a prerequisite for being able to take part in important societal functions, influence the development of society and be a critical user and active producer of digital products and services. It is also a prerequisite for getting a job, as the future labour market and needs will require digital skills. I will tell you about Kodcentrum’s method for arousing the interest of children who are at risk of digital exclusion.