User agreement – STEW 2022

This is the user agreement for STEW 2022. By submitting, I have informed all people in this booking, and I/we agree of the following:

1) Use of personal information
The STEW working group, the organization Swedsoft and Swedsoft’s secretariat (Teknikföretagens Branschgrupper AB) will have access to and will process personal information shared in this form for the event Software Technology Exchange Workshop. I/we accept that if I write anything in the allergies section, this information together with my/our name(s) may be shared with the restaurant. No contact information will be shared. I understand that by informing I can have my information deleted.

2) Newsletters, invitations and more
I/We will be added to Swedsoft’s email lists for invitations to events, newsletters and information to Swedsoft’s extended network. I understand that by informing I can have my information deleted and I can also unregister by using the link in the email.

3) Photos and recording
Swedsoft will be taking pictures and make recordings during STEW. I/We accept that pictures and film of me/us may be published by Swedsoft online, in printed and digital material. The pictures and recordnings will be used both in editorial and marketing purposes of Swedsoft as organization and events by Swedsoft. I understand that by informing I can have any picture of me removed.

4)  Cancellation
Registration is binding, and tickets cannot be refunded. If you are prevented from attending, the place can be transferred to a colleague free of charge, no later than on November 8th. Changes are made directly in Billetto’s system by registered participants. For more information contact

5) Food preferences
I/we understand that if I/we fill in food preference/food allergy, this information will be shared with the restaurant that supplies food to the event. For these dietary information, I/we have ensured that consent is given to the processing of sensitive personal data. These data will be deleted 7 days after the current event.

6) Participants list
There will be a participants list available at the event. Notify us if you do not want to be added to the list. Until further notice, all registered participants will be on these lists. You can be removed from the list at any time by contacting

7) Covid-19
I/We understand that the conference will be arranged according to current regulations and in a secure manner for both speakers and participants. If this is not possible, Swedsoft will arrange the conference digitally. If recommended by the government, Swedsoft might also request an official vaccination certificate (sometimes referred to as vaccination passport) of the participants.

For the personal data provided in the notification, I have ensured that consent has been obtained from the personal data. By ticking the box, there is agreement that the data is processed in accordance with the Data Protection Regulations guidelines. More information about this as well as what rights the registrant has found HERE:

Do you want to know more about STEW?

Please contact the secretariat.