Present at STEW 2018

Present your experience or research at this year’s software conference!

Today we announce the call for presentations for this year’s conference. Present and showcase results based on experience in industry or the public sector, or from research projects, at the Seventh Annual Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW).

The purpose of STEW is to encourage and promote cooperation between different industry sectors, between academia/institutes and companies, and with the public sector.

This year we seek presentations related to improving efficiency by 1) letting the computers do more of the software development, or 2) by developing software together across organizational boundaries. This year’s themes are:

  • Let the machine do the job – AI and ML in software development
    Artificial intelligence and machine learning are hot topics in almost every domain. Also in software development the technologies can be used to assist developers to be more efficient, and for users to get software more tailored to their needs. In software, the methods come with different names, such as data-driven software development and continuous experimentation. How can we get the machines to do the jobs for us?
  • Let us do it together – Open source in software development
    Open source software becomes part of more and more proprietary products and services. It may help by sharing the burden of evolution of commodity software, that is not competitive for any, but needed by all. However, working towards open software communities requires new skills and knowledge, both for developers and managers. What are the opportunities and challenges of working together in open source software development, and how can we make it better?

The setup of the program is available at

Do you want to present?

Download the call for presentations here and register your presentation proposal here, no later than April 1st 2018.

Practical information

Conference dates: Oct 17-18, 2018
Location: Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden

Presentation proposal deadline: April 1st, 2018
Submission of slides: October 8th, 2018

If you have any questions please contact:


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