Volvo Cars joins Swedsoft

Today we welcome Volvo Cars as new member of the Swedish software organization Swedsoft.

Volvo Cars is in the middle of a large and exciting transformation through digitalization, electrification and autonomy. Therefore, an increasing amount of software is needed and the systems are getting increasingly complex.

“Software is a key differentiator for most products and customer offerings today” says Ödgärd Andersson, Vice President Software & Electronics at Volvo Cars.

Ödgärd Andersson continues “Our vision ‘Everyday my car experience is better’ highlights the need for continuous development of the car functions and the importance of mastering software engineering.

Volvo Cars is very active in research and knowledge sharing between industries, and joining Swedsoft is a natural next step. We expect to learn a lot from the other members of Swedsoft, and we are committed to contribute with our knowledge to strengthen the Swedish software ecosystem.”

“Volvo Cars is an important part of the Swedish software industry and we are excited to welcome them to Swedsoft” says Gabriel Modéus, Secretary General at Swedsoft. “We look forward to increase our cooperation with Volvo Cars and to continue to offer Volvo Cars, as well as our other members, a platform for cooperation within the Swedish software industry.”

Welcome to Swedsoft, Volvo Cars.


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