All speakers released for this year’s software conference

Swedsoft are today, five months before the conference opens, proud to announce all the speakers for this year’s software conference, Software Technology Exchange Workshop STEW. We have been overwhelmed with the great response to this year’s call for presentations.

The call for presentations resulted in 21 high quality submissions to what was originally planned to be six spots. After increasing the number of spots to eight (plus four invited keynote, opening and closing speakers) the working group still had a hard task of choosing. We are however very proud to today announce the following speakers:

Wednesday Oct 17th – theme:
Let the machine do the job – AI and ML in software development

Opening speaker: Charlotta Falvin, Board director – Experiences from managing software business

Keynote: Staffan Truvé, CTO, Recorded future – Software Engineering for Machine Learning based systems


  • How to Design a Program Repair Bot? Insights from the Repairnator Project
    Martin Monperrus, Professor of Software Technology, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Copy & Paste Redeemed
    Christoph Reichenbach, Senior Lecturer, Lund University / LTH / Computer Science
  • Adding Value to Customers: Data-Driven Optimization of Software Parameters
    David Mattos, PhD candidate, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Reinforcement Learning on Software and User Data
    Rasmus Ros, PhD candidate, Lund University
    Mikael Hammar, Head of Research, Apptus Technologies AB

Thursday Oct 18th – theme:
Let us do it together – Open source in software development

Keynote: Nitya A. Ruff, Head, Comcast Open Source Practice – The art and science of open source in the enterprise


  • Creating Wikipedia: Cooperation and decision-making in the software development process
    Johan Jönsson, Technical Collaboration team, Wikimedia Foundation
  • Industrial Open Source – A handbook for managing Open Source in complex product development
    Nicolas Martin-Vivaldi, Consultant, Addalot Consulting AB
    Carl-Eric Mols, Head of Open Source, Sony Mobile
  • Open tools for software development
    Hussan Munir, PhD candidate, Lund University
  • Data driven product development with modern web and cloud technologies
    Lothar Wengerek, Line manager, Ericsson AB
    Christopher Price, Head of Ericsson Software Technology, Ericsson AB

Closing speaker: Helena Holmström Olsson, Associate Professor, Malmö University – Delivering Value: Using the Right Technique for the Right Purpose

“I am looking forward to listen to all of these presentations and I would like to take the opportunity to once again thank everyone who has taken the time to submit presentations to this year’s conference. I would also like to thank the working group for all their work” says Gabriel Modéus, Secretary General, Swedsoft.

The registration is open, register here while Early bird is still available. The full program with abstracts, dinner, group discussions and a lot of opportunities for networking and mingle are available on

About Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW

STEW is a two-day conference arranged this year Oct 17-18th 2018 at Malmö University. The purpose of STEW is to encourage and promote cooperation between different industry sectors, between academia/institutes and companies, and with the public sector. At STEW we want to make research and project results visible and stimulate new cooperation in the area of software technology. Read more and register while early bird is still available at


The Software engineer of the future

STEW, som arrangerades av Swedsoft tillsammans med co-hosts, samlade deltagare från olika sektorer i Stockholm för att diskutera årets tema:

Webbinarium om effektiv hantering av teknisk skuld

Under webbinariet delade Dr. Javier Gonzalez Huerta med sig av flera värdefulla insikter om datadrivna tekniker för effektiv hantering av

Höstwebbinarier på tema mjukvara

Notera datumet i era kalendrar och anmäl er idag: Technical Debt Benchmark – Focus where the pain is 🗓️ Date:

Software Technology Exchange Workshop 2023

Årets tema är The Software engineer of the future och vi kommer att utforska flera intressanta ämnen som Volvo cars