Bishop Johan Tyrberg this year’s STEW closing keynote

When Bishop Johan Tyrberg gives his closing keynote at Swedsoft’s conference he will give his reflections, from a theological perspective, on AI going through several different questions such as fear, evil, forgiveness and what is intelligence.

Johan Tyrberg is the Bishop of Lund Diocese in the Church of Sweden since 2014. Lately he has been active in media about that we should respect the risks but not fear AI. His presentation at this year’s Swedsoft conference takes its starting point in liberating from fear. What role can theology with its long history of dealing with the concept of hope and trust offer here? From there it continues to the questions about what is mankind and what does it mean being a human?

“Based on these questions I will elaborate on the questions of evil. Can a machine be evil? What about human mistakes? Mistakes made by a machine? When scholars of law reflect on juridical issues, theologians reflect on forgiveness and atonement. Can we forgive a machine, and can a machine forgive a person?” says Bishop Johan Tyrberg.

In the end of his presentation he will continue with the need to differentiate between what we could do and what we should do with technology. He will also be discussing the questions about what is “intelligence” and why do we use it as a metaphor for machine learning?

“I look forward to Bishop Johan Tyrberg’s presentation which I think will be very interesting, giving some new thoughts and perspectives on the questions about artificial intelligence. I am sure there will be a great discussion about these questions both during the presentation and in the mingle after the conference program ends” says Gabriel Modéus, Swedsoft’s secretary general and STEW project leader.

About Software Technology Exchange Workshop, STEW

When: Nov 13-14th 2019
Where: Lund
Conference theme: Connected society
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Organizers: Swedsoft together with the co-hosts Lund University, Malmö University, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Linnaeus University, Teknikföretagen, Saab, Starcounter, Addalot, Informator, ANTS and Business Region Göteborg.


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