Thank you for this year!

When there is only a few days left before most people go on Christmas leave, we want to take the opportunity to summarize a year when the association has continued to grow, worked with important questions for Swedish software development and research and made it possible to create new networks.

The year has, among other things, been filled with events, we have been welcoming new members, we have written reports, we have engaged in different networks and had meetings with key stakeholders. Today we release a news post on the Swedish website going through some of what has happened during the year. Here you can find a summary of that article.

  • We have held conferences and events both organized by us and together with members and other organizations. For instance we have organized Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW), Lindholmen Software Development Day and Gathering of Software Sweden.
  • We have collected statistics on the importance of software for Swedish companies together with Statistics Sweden and funded by Vinnova again.
  • We have welcomed nine new members; Combitech AB, Dataföreningen, Graviz Pirenne Labs AB, Ideon AB, Royal Institute of Technology, Scania CV AB, Stardots AB, Taipuva Consulting AB and Wikimedia Sverige.
  • We have been active in different networks to create cooperation and we have been one of the organizations starting the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Sweden network. This is an extension of the European Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition initiative, which aims to promote digital development and skills within the EU and its Member States.
  • We have talked about the importance of software with members of parliament, ministers and other government officials.
  • We have published two reports during the year, one about how we secure Sweden’s position within software development and one on what is required for Sweden to be a world leader in software development and research in the future.
  • At the end of last year, we opened up the opportunity to start member-driven networks on issues that some members find particularly interesting. During the spring, our first member-driven network Swedsoft Industrial Open Source Network launched.
  • During the year we welcomed members to several board meetings and we also opened the agenda to show members what the board will discuss and what is going on in the association.
  • During the year we also launch an updated website and this week we released an English version of the site, following a request at the member meeting in November.

Now we just want to thank you all for all your engagement during the year and we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! See you in 2020!


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