How the Higher Vocational Education can become better at supporting Sweden with software expertise

Today, Swedsoft releases a report on how the Higher Vocational Education (HVE) can become better at supporting Sweden with software expertise. The report is a result of the workshop Gathering of Software Sweden earlier this year.

This is a summary of the Swedish article

  • The HVE has the advantage of being able to offer more specific training in programming and shorter courses.
  • It is important to focus on training in applied competence and certain programming language- and areas.
  • The HVE can contribute by offering upskilling in software development focused on industries in digital transformation.
  • The labor market has changed and will continue to evolve geographically since more people can work from home. In addition, more industries are affected by software development and will therefore need to hire developers in more places around Sweden.

You can download the report Hur kan yrkeshögskolan bättre stötta Sverige med mjukvarukompetens? (in Swedish) here.


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