Cyber Resilience Act

On May 30th, at 10:00 to 11:00, Swedsoft invites you to a digital seminar (in Swedish) on the Cyber Resilience Act with Rikard Jarl, SKF Business Information Security Officer at AB SKF. During the seminar, Rikard will share information about the EU Cyber Resilience Act and highlight areas to focus on in order to comply with the upcoming legislation.

This is a summary of the swedish invitation

During the seminar, Rikard will provide information on:

  • Introduction to the new cybersecurity legislation for digital products
  • Timeline for the legislation
  • Types of products that will be covered
  • Key requirements in the legislation and consequences for companies releasing digital products in the EU-market
  • Connection to other EU legislations for digital products such as the Data Act and the AI Act
  • Brief overview of the EU Cyber Resilience Act