Software Product Lines Industry Forum

The Software Product Line Industry Forum ( is organised on September the 11th at Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, Sweden in the form a Bootcamp on Software Product Lines.

Our Bootcamp features a keynote by a world-renowned expert, Matthias Nyberg from Scania and KTH, a number of best-practice reports, a targeted group training where you meet other practitioners and work on problems experiences and posed by you, followed by a panel discussion to summarise the day’s findings.

If software is (becoming) a major part of your product and if your software needs to be designed or configured to support many different types of products, then our Bootcamp will have something to offer for you. In particular, we will discuss major problems and best practices regarding designing, developing, and testing with support for variability.

To ensure an effective discussion, we only have initiated a limited number of targeted invitations and we would be thankful if you could respond to our invitation by April the 30th by sending an email to the organisers ( and If you would like to be allocated a time-slot to present your best practices, please also include a title and an abstract of your contribution in your response to us.


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