Succeeding with large scale software development measurement programs

Succeeding with large scale software development measurement programs

Välkommen till ett digitalt seminarium på tema ”succeeding with large scale software development measurement programs”.

Om seminariet

Engineers and scientists love to measure. We measure complexity of software, its performance, size and maintainability (just to name a few). We need these measurements in order to construct software, manage organizations or release high quality, high reliable products. However, there is a difference between measuring software aspects and using the measures in decision processes. In this talk, we present the concept of measurement program, measurement system, information quality and indicator-triggered decisions. We show what to consider when setting up measurement programs and provide a hints about the costs and benefits of having the program. We end the talk with presenting recent research results from Software Center, where we combine measurements and machine learning to speed-up software development.

Om talarna

Miroslaw StaronMiroslaw Staron is Professor in Software Engineering at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Chalmers and University of Gothenburg, Sweden. He has received his PhD from Blekinge Institute of Technology in the same field. He has published extensively on using machine learning in software engineering, software metrics, model-driven software development and empirical software engineering and cooperates with Ericsson, Volvo and other telecom companies and car manufacturers. Prof. Staron is a pro-dean of the IT Faculty and is a coordinator of the AI Competence for Sweden at University of Gothenburg. He is also a member of the steering group of AI Innovation of Sweden.

Wilhelm MedingWilhelm Meding, MSc  EE, has been working as Quality Manager for over 10 years at Ericsson and previously in similar positions at Volvo Buses and Volvo Cars. He has been actively conducting research in the area of software metrics since august 2006, has published over 50 papers so far and conducted over 50 tutorials at the company and outside. He is currently working as Measurement Program Leader at Ericsson, leading a team which manages over 40,000 measurement systems for various parts of the organization. Wilhelm Meding has also cooperation with other companies in the area of metrics.