Webbinarium: Technical Debt Benchmark – Focus where the pain is

Using Data-Driven techniques to reduce friction in Software Development

On October 10 Swedsoft invites you to a webinar together with our member Blekinge Institute of Technology and speaker Javier Gonzalez Huerta, PhD Associate Professor.

Join us to discover actionable strategies for tackling technical debt efficiently, allowing your development teams to focus on innovation and delivering value to customers. Learn how data-driven insights can transform Technical Debt Management from a daunting challenge into a streamlined process that drives improved software quality and business outcomes.

In summary, this talk will empower software development professionals and organizational leaders with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions regarding technical debt by focusing on where the pain is, all while harnessing the power of data-driven techniques to reduce friction and enhance the software development lifecycle. Learn more ->

Javier Gonzalez Huerta PhD, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Dr Javier Gonzalez Huerta is an associate professor at the Software Engineering Department at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Before pursuing his doctoral studies, he accumulated more than ten years of industry experience, holding diverse positions in the software development sector.