Webbinarium – Multi-concern (Cybersecurity & Safety) Assurance and Compliance

Den 5 december bjuder Swedsoft in dig till ett webbinarium tillsammans med Mälardalens universitet och föreläsaren Barbara Gallina, Associate Professor of Dependable Software Engineering, Mälardalens Universitet.

Det här webbinariet hålls på engelska

In various safety-critical domains (e.g., automotive, rail, etc.), multi-concern claims, regarding multiple dependability attributes e.g., safety, cybersecurity and their interdependence, have become common and need to be justified based on evidence.

In this webinar, Barbara Gallina will take a brief breadth-first presentation of the multi-concern assurance and compliance needs that characterize safety-critical domains. Then, it will continue with an in-depth and single domain-focused presentation of a possible way forward for multi-concern assurance and compliance. Register today!

About the speaker

Barbara Gallina is Associate Professor of Dependable Software Engineering at Mälardalen University where she leads the Certifiable Evidences and Justification Engineering group.