Workshop Industrial Open Source Network

Welcome to Swedsoft’s Industrial Open Source Network’s second workshop.

Agenda for the day

09-10 Open Data Session with LTH

10-15 Industrial Open Source Network workshop agenda
Open data comes in different forms – public agencies open their data, users crowdsource data, and private actors share their data. The latter is not applied to any larger extent, in contrast to companies sharing source code openly. We make an overview of current status of research and practice, and present a case of open data. Then we discuss potential benefits and barriers to open up data for others.

  • Open data
    Organizer: Per Runeson, Lund University
  • Functional Safety and OS
    Organizer: Markus Borg, RISE, & Robert Fekete, Volvo Cars
    Introducing High Performance Computing often involving Open Source components into Safety Critical applications lead the industry to a “can’t have the cake and eat it”-moment. Should we try to apply requirements from the functional safety standards which might reduce our possibility to take advantage of these modern solutions from other domains like compute and AI, or should we explore new ideas to find a safe way forward where classical safety can blend with modern development patterns on high performance platforms?

    • What is the Challenge – Robert Fekete Volvo Cars
    • Open Source and the different standards, from a Certification point of view, Ted Strandberg RISE
    • Joint discussions on the topics that can impact (e.g. Architecture, Certification, Documentation, Proven in use, Verification, …)