What has happened and what is going on right now?

Get an insight in what has happed at Swedsoft since summer, whats going on right now and whats up next.

The autumn has finally started, albeit still in a slightly different format than usual. The year 2020 has not been, as we all know, as expected and like everyone else we have changed. Here is an insight into what has happened since summer and what is going on right now in Swedsoft.

Report with uniqe statistics

Woman with smart phone on public transportationIn August, Swedsoft launched the report “The programmable economy” with unique statistics produced together with Statistics Sweden that shed light on the importance of software for Swedish companies and their need for software expertise. An extra focus has been placed on creating a basis for higher education institutions’ development of courses for professionals. The statistics show that almost all Swedish companies and to some extent use software-based products or services, despite this, the final one and a fifth develop their own software. The results of the report also show that the need for skills and competence in programming and software development is broad and varied.

Conferences and events

During the spring and autumn, we have held a number of digital events. On September 1, Swedsoft together with our member Scania held the conference Cyber ​​Security in a Complex World. The digital event was full of inspiring speakers from various organizations who generously shared their experiences on how to deal with the complex aspects of cybersecurity.

This autumn, while conducting webinars, we will cautiously return to physical meetings such as a meeting with SÄPO. We will also arrange the conference Software Technology Exchange Workshop – STEW 2020, as a physical conference on November 18-19 in Halmstad. STEW has been Swedsoft’s annual conferences since 2012, and creates exchanges between business, academia and the public sector in software. This year’s theme is Data for software development. STEW is a special conference in networking, and there is a lot of interactivity between speaker-audience and not least audience-audience. Every year, participants testify about new collaborations and discussions that have come out of the conference. We have of course made adjustments, such as a limited number of participants and large distances, to arrange it in a safe way for our participants.

Free courses and seminars

In these times, there are many who want to take the opportunity to learn more, eventhough there are limited resources for this.  We have therefore, together with members, put together a list of free courses and seminars that are available to professionals. As a professional, you can also find information about courses at learning4professionals.se. This platform has been created through a unique collaboration between four higher education institutions (University West, Linnaeus University, Mälardalen University and Örebro University), Swedsoft and Teknikföretagen. Also, do not miss the fact that on Swedsoft’s YouTube channel you will find recordings and inspiration from previous webinars.

What happens next?

We continue to plan ahead, both for digital seminars in the near future and to meet again physically. On October 8, Lindholmen Software Development Day (Gothenburg) that is held digitally this year. On 13 October, Swedsoft’s members have the opportunity to participate in a meeting where SÄPO informs and discusses the threat against Swedish software companies (Stockholm). This year’s autumn meeting is on November 18 in Halmstad, followed by STEW on November 18-19. On December 15, you can attend the webinar: Privacy-by-Design Statistics.

Finally, we would like to take the opportunity to say that we made a small reorganization in May. We now have three people, Gabriel, Teresia and Anna, who work with Swedsoft at Teknikföretagens Branschgrupper, where Swedsoft has its office.

We hope you find information and activities that may interest you and look forward to the opportunity to meet, digitally or physically, during the fall! Sign up today – If you not already are subscribig to our open and free newsletter!


A great opportunity for knowledge transfer and collaboration

STEW 2020 is arranged by Swedsoft together with our co-hosts Scania, Halmstad University, AB Volvo, Teknikföretagen, Saab, Blekinge Institute of

Documents for Swedsoft’s autumn meeting 2020

  Today, the invitation and documents for Swedsoft’s autumn meeting 2020 was sent out to all members. The autumn meeting

Bild: Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Software Development day 2020

The opening keynotes set the bar for the day. Startin with Erik Kruse, Ericsson, on the topic “You ain’t seen

What has happened and what is going on right now?

The autumn has finally started, albeit still in a slightly different format than usual. The year 2020 has not been,