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Swedsoft about standardization of AI

Swedsoft has reviewed the proposal, and our overall strong recommendation is not to standardize AI as a technology, as it

Open for the climate

On their website you can find a large number of courses in, among other things, computer science, circular economy, battery

Would you like to present at STEW?

software_digital globe_woman_

STEW 2022 will be the eleventh time this unique networking conference is arranged. This year’s theme is The release is not

An improved system against labor exploitation

In May 2021, Swedsoft submitted our views on the interim report An Improved System for Labor Immigration (SOU 2021: 5). The overall

Lindholmen Software Development day 2021

This is a summary of the Swedish article. Lindholmen Software Development day 2021 was this year arranged as a hybrid

A platform to enable innovative discussion

Digitalization gives us new conditions and opportunities to run and develop businesses. Today, it is not uncommon for new technology