Swedsoft 2021

The last days of the year is approaching and we now take the time to reflect and look back on an eventful year! During 2021, Swedsoft has continued to work with questions related to Swedish software development and research.

Before the holidays we would like to take this opportunity to summarize a year that, despite special circumstances, has been full of activities!

Conferences, meetings and digital seminars

Participants at Gathering of Software Sweden  2021

In January, we started the year by arranging a digital and slightly delayed STEW 2020. The theme for the ninth edition of STEW was Data for Software Development and it was held completely digitally for the first time. In February, it was time for Gathering of Software Sweden that also where held digitally. The focus this year was to provide feedback on the recommendations regarding activities and proposals that the government assignment on digital excellence has produced in the survey of Swedish initiatives and educational paths. The whole day was full of engaging and focused discussions and the participants contributed with several interesting reflections and suggestions. As a result of this year’s workshop, Swedsoft wrote the report Digital spetskompetens – Så tar vi nästa steg (How can we take the next step in Digital Excellence?) that compiled recommendations and proposals to take the work further.

The focus for next year’s Gathering of Software Sweden is to provide input on how the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education can become better at supporting Sweden with software expertise. During the Gathering of Software Sweden 2022, the participants will work with questions such as where there is the greatest need for education, describe how software development affects all industries and what type of education in software development is suitable for the Higher Vocational Education.

During the spring, we continued to arrange digital meetings and seminars, among other things at this year’s spring meeting where we, among other things, elected a new board for Swedsoft. In connection with the spring meeting, we also arranged the seminar Open Source from a business perspective, where participants could listen to experts on the subject of why Open Source can be a good business decision and the challenges and opportunities associated with Open Source.

During the autumn, we finally had the opportunity to meet again and in November, Swedsoft and our co-hosts were pleased to welcome participants to the tenth STEW conference, which this time was held at Ideon in Lund. For two days, the participants listened to interesting presentations on the theme of Software as a motor for acceleration and disruption. They participated in inspiring discussions and not least networked and met new people. Through the great engagement that the participants showed, new meetings, contacts and discussions about future projects were created.

During the autumn, Swedsoft also co-hosted the conference Lindholmen Software Development day, in Gothenburg. This year’s theme was Software for Sustainability – Can ones and zero’s save the world? and since this year’s Lindholmen Software Development Day was arranged as a hybrid event, it was possible to participate both on site, in Gothenburg, and digitally. During the day, the participants listened to interesting speakers who discussed and problematized about challenges we will have to face.

For a stronger software Sweden

During the year, we also responded to a number of government reports. In January, we commented on the government’s proposal for the Research and Innovation Bill, where we mentioned, among other things, that we lack a national major investment in software.

Through a good collaboration with Teknikföretagen and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, we submitted comments on the interim report An improved system for labor immigration SOU 2021: 5. Here we raised some issues that were particularly interesting for Swedish software, but also gave our support to the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise’s well-written comments. An improved system for labor immigration is an important issue for Swedsoft and we are particularly keen to attract people with system and software expertise.

During the year, we also submitted our views on the proposal regarding the development and use of AI systems within the European Union – Artificial Intelligence Act. Our opinion is that the proposed legislation is likely to inhibit the innovation and market dynamics for AI solutions linked to a number of areas, and we therefore called for significant changes in the proposed regulation.

Swedsoft strategic plan 2021

During the year that the secretariat and the board have carried out a major review of our strategic plan, which was decided during this year’s autumn meeting. As a basis for this work, all members were invited to provide input and during the summer the board held interviews with all main contacts. The secretariate has also interviewed many other organizations and authorities about their views on Swedsoft and our work. All this input was important in shaping the future focus for Swedsoft and ensuring that we are transparent and up to date with our members.

In 2021 we had the pleasure of welcoming two new members, Synteda and Empowered Technologies, to Swedsoft.

We want to thank you all for your commitment during the year and not the least take the opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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